myHealthbox is releasing today version 2.0 of its eLeaflet format for digital patient information leaflets

Milan, Italy, 28-01-2013

myHealthbox is the largest source of information on medicines and healthcare products. myHealthbox was created with the objective of promoting the safe and informed use of medicinal products by making the best information available to everyone in an easily usable and accessible format.

myHealthbox is announcing today the release and availability of version 2.0 of its eLeaflet format; the eLeaflet format is the de-facto standard for the development and distribution of information leaflets for medicines and healthcare products in digital format.

The release of version 2.0 is an important step towards the full digitalization of information for medicines and healthcare products.

New features and improvements for version 2.0 include:

  • multi-language support and localization in over 20 languages

  • full compatibility with any device and various screen sizes and resolutions

  • optimization of the eLeaflet size for improved distribution over slow communication channels

  • support for slide-shows within an eLeaflet (support for audio, video and images is available since version 1.0))

  • new dosage forms and helpers for a better and error-free dosage calculation

  • improved customer-feedback forms

  • support for multiple fonts.

The new format is available on all myHealthbox applications and services accessible from web browsers or mobile devices.

The new eLeaflet format is already available for the following products:

  • Dalsy 20 mg/ml suspensión oral (ES)

  • LamiaPelle Bagno-Doccia (IT)

  • LamiaPelle del viso (IT)

  • LamiaPelle del corpo (IT)

  • LamiaPelle delle mani (IT)

  • Carnidyn Plus, Biofutura (IT)

more products will be converted or developed in the coming weeks.

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