Local skin care in cases of Atopic dermatitis in children

When to perform skin care?

Local skin care must be done after cleaning, on a dry skin. Only one application per day is necessary.

What cream(s) or ointment(s)? Where? In what order?

– Start with the application of dermocorticosteroids to apply on inflammatory plaques, red or pink plaques, that usually itch.
– On the rest of the body, outside of the plaques, if the skin is dry, you must apply a moisturising cream. The moisturising cream must not be applied on the inflammatory plaques (otherwise your child will suffer from prickling or burns).

What quantity of cream?

The rule of the digit defines the necessary quantity: the quantity applied on the last digit of the index must cover a skin surface representing 2 hands placed flat on the skin.
Note the number of tubes used each month to discuss it with your doctor.

How to apply the cream?

Heat the cream in the palm of your hand. Massage lightly to help penetration. Wait a few minutes before getting dressed.

When to stop the treatment?

– The application of dermocorticosteroids must be stopped when the inflammatory lesions have disappeared.
– The application of the moisturising cream must be continued as long as the skin remains dry.

When do you restart the treatment?

It is important to restart the treatment with dermocorticosteroids as soon as the inflammation reappears (redness).

What is the purpose of this treatment?

The aim is to eradicate the inflammation in order to reduce your child’s suffering. The treatment also helps to reconstruct the skin’s integrity (cutaneous barrier) and therefore limit the risk of infections of the skin and allergies.

Are corticosteroid creams dangerous?

Not if the treatment is used as described above, respecting the quantities and treating altenatively when the inflammation is present. Corticosteroid creams do not have the same effects as corticosteroids in tablet form or injections.

What evolution can we expect with this treatment of atopic dermatitis?

Inflammatory lesions will occur less and less often, will be less intense and will disappear more rapidly under treatment. Consequently, the doses of dermocorticosteroids will decrease over time.

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