Complementary Approach to Breast Cancer – A Case with Multiple Liver Metastases is Free from Disease.

Breast cancer remains the #1 killer among women with over 250,000 patients
yearly diagnosed in U.S.(1) The incidence of this disease and the resulting
deaths continue to increase in Western developing countries. Too many cases
are diagnosed with metastases condition while evidence has shown that
primary cancer began releasing cancer cells into the circulation at an early
stage. Chemotherapy (gold standard), palliative therapy, radiation, surgery
have not achieved the expectation to reduce breast cancer mortality and
recurrence is still too high. 15% to 35% of breast cancer patients do not
respond to chemotherapy but continue to receive treatment from which they
do not benefit.
There is an urgent need to develop new effective ways to diagnose and treat
cancer. New biomarkers testing may not only indicated in high risk patients
but may further serve as diagnostic, prognostic and follow up during
treatment (2). Complementary or integrative oncology is now attracting more
interest among progressive medical doctors and oncologists. Many new lines of
research have shown that integrative dietary agents have demonstrated
efficacy in the prevention and treatment of cancer(3). As well as a support to
chemotherapy agents, being safe and offering increased effectiveness.
Therefore this new important concept now indicates that a tumor can no
longer be viewed simply as an uncontrolled proliferative mass, but rather as a
cellular community interacting with the microenvironment. (4) Therefore a
comprehensive treatment may more effectively target the disease according
to this new concept, superseding the outmoded paradigm of using toxic
therapy directed at killing the tumor.

View full paper here:

comp approach to breast cancer

Some older information on the Horvi-enzyme therapy is available at:

Leitfaden englische-Übersetzung

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