what is Budesonide

Budesonide is a corticosteroid, marker of an allergy to a chemical class of cortisone termed class B.
It can be present in:
• Cortisone-based topicals used on the skin (dermocorticosteroids),
• Cortisone-based topicals used on mucous membranes (ocular, nasal, pulmonary, rectal),
• Systemic cortisone (drops, tablets, injectable solutions).

When a drug is prescribed always mention this allergy to your physician.

Chemical names of drugs to avoid

• budesonide, but also
• all class B chemical corticosteroids due to intra-group cross reactions namely :
– flucloronide
– flunisolide
– fluocinolone acetonide
– fluocinonide
– halcinonide
– triamcinolone
and sometimes also depending on your physicians recommendations (results of tests to other chemical families of corticosteroids) corticosteroids with a risk of intergroup cross reactions namely:
All corticosteroids of the D2 chemical class:

  • 17-butyrate hydrocortisone
  • 17-aceponate hydrocortisone
  • difluprednate


In general, except in the case of a contraindication by your physician, class A, C and D1 corticosteroids can be used.

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