myHealthbox presents its multi-language eLeaflet solution at Cosmopack, Bologna

It is now common in our society that different ethnic groups and languages meet and coexist in the same country, in Italy alone there are now more than 5 million people that speak a primary language that is different from Italian (Romanian, Albanian and Arabic are amongst the most spoken). To these language minorities we can then add turists and travellers that live in Italy and speak one of the main European languages (English, Spanish and German are the main ones).

It is easy to see how, when the is a need to read information about the use of medicines of healthcare products (for example the dosage) these people would prefer reading information in their native language which they consider “safer” as less subject to interpretation errors.

Moreover there are in the world dozens of situations where 2 or more official languages are present in the same country (i.e. German in the Alto Adige region in Italy or French and Dutch in Belgium).

In Italy for example there is a requirement, for product sold in the Alto Adige region, for providing patient information in Italian and in German; until recently compliance was achieved by providing two printed versions of the patient information leaflet inside the packaging,today an alternative solution is available by making available a digital versions of the leaflet in German language via web or mobile, these can be also easily printed in the pharmacy upon request.

To provide an answer to these crucial requirement in today’s healthcare communication myHealthbox has extended its eLeaflet product with native support for 35 languages.

The use of myHealthbox as the digital leaflets distribution platform, the data security solutions implemented (both at leaflet and platform level) and the possibility of providing this information also via a QR code printed on the packaging make myHealthbox the solution of choice for those companies that need to satisfy government requirements for selling healthcare product in bi- or multi-lingual regions like Alto Adige in Italy.

To find out more visit us at Cosmopack in Bologna or contact us at

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